New Series Starting…

Goodness so much has happen since my last post. Sorry for not updating here all the progress… If you follow me on IG and FB then you know the book from my last series Overtone has been released. I have also sold 7 of the 17 works…5 in Puerto Rico, 1 in California and 1 here locally. My prints have also been making new homes along the way.

So where am I at now… Well onto the next Series of course.


I’ve had the canvass for this series before I started Overtone and gosh am I ready to dive into it. In asking when starting to plan this series, could I have done this first; before Overtone – Shattering Silence? Simple put, No. There’s so much healing that came with that journey. A lot of “why” answered which has allowed me to confidentially do this series fearlessly.

I know now from that journey that work needed to be done and that work was done too put me where I am today.

Residue: A small amount of ‘something” that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.

Sensitive: Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences.

Shit: 1. Feces 2. A contemptible or worthless person

..working and processing while currently recovering from a broken wrist… No worries..It happen while having fun 🙂

…feeling worthless. responding without thinking. Ignoring signals. Blaming influences. Quick to detect;failing to respond.

Everything from my past creates my current and my future. My residue… some flaky, some hard to get up and the ones that marked me forever.

This series are those photographic memories and imaginative places I’ve encountered. Most importantly the reflections of my eyes in moments I felt the most worthless.

So as always, thank you for following along. I will do my best to post here and you can always follow more closely on my IG and FB. As well as, I will be taking you along on my YouTube Channel.


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