Artist Book Overtone ~ Shattering Silence


My very first Artist Book: Overtone ~ Shattering Silence features the full collection of OSS, unreleased photos,  my personal journal entries following my journey and development with each color from a young age to present time. As well as, a place for you to write your reflections on how colors have affected you or my work and so on. 

It’s by far the most personal I have ever connected with you about my work. Overtone~Shattering Silence is my personal development-break throughs with colors and how they’ve helped/affected my Mental Health.   As a young child going through family courts, as a new college student, as a new wife, mother and just as “simple” growth of a young child developing into a woman… I knew Mental Health was one of the most important things that I needed to take care. If I’m not “right” with myself I will have an interesting time connecting with others. Colors have always been there for me. I’ve mentioned plenty of times. My canvas works or hand painted prints are just like journal entries to me. However, it’s not so dot the i cross the t.  I’ve always had art supplies but also journals – notebooks thanks to my mom and even had a really cool one called “Password Journal”. Thank you, mommy. However, I never had an attachment to keeping them like my art/paintings. I think part of it is the fear of connection or getting too personal…which can come with layers of fear and anxiety for me. Once they were full I had no problem trashing them…never recapped so see the growth. It wasn’t until I really started studying colors(late teens)that really held on. I must have known intuitively how profound this journey was really about to be. Furthermore, I could never imagine that I would be sharing them so publicly.

To bring this all in. Preorder sale will go live Dec. 5th.  You can preorder them at my shop or visit me at the Cherokee Print Bazaar and preorder them in person.

Here’s to filling in this chapter…Im off onto my next journey.