-OVERTONE- Shattering Silence, Artist Book

I’m elated to announce that I’ve carefully arranged my latest visual series into a limited edition, interactive, hardcover book!

With rich details of the work captured in space and in closeup, the images are multi sensory!

This is isn’t just an artist photo book. This is also a biography of my mental health journey. I have included my journal entries for every color giving viewer an in depth share on this adventure from the inside, guided by my study in Colour Therapy. 

Equally as intended, this a tool for the viewer. 

There is space to include personal reflections with each color. This nourishes self-connection with a deeper sense of mindfulness, peace, inner knowing and adventure.  Not only is this an accessible opportunity to acquire some of the most personal pieces of my work, it’s making an investment in wellness for yourself and/or loved one. 

Canvas Hardcover 


100 lay flat pages 

matte press paper

High resolution, photo quality

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