Overtone – Shattering Silence

I’ve created Overtone – Shattering Silence as a foundation to everything that I had gathered from the years of experience in color/color therapy. O-SS is a 17 Individually framed round glass collection, completely focused on how color effects us.

Color has proven its effects on humans’ mental, physical and spiritual health . Working with each color and creating this silent connection… Every layers of watercolour, natural materials and ripples agitated by tuning forks created boundless comprehension. The material elements in my work are not solely an object, but are instruments that serve a deliberate function.

The silence of colors can change any course with the compromise between subconscious and conscious. Color creates subjective perception and how we physically interact. My works are carried by perception, from the subconscious and conscious. Each person to create the sensation of the overtone. 

Overtone~Shattering Silence is my personal development-break throughs with colors and how they’ve helped/affected my Mental Health.   As a young child going through family courts, as a new college student, as a new wife, mother and just the “simple” growth of a young child developing into a woman… I knew Mental Health was one of the most important things that I needed to take care. If I’m not “right” with myself I will have an interesting time connecting with others. Colors have always been there for me. I’ve mentioned plenty of times. My canvas works or hand painted prints are just like journal entries to me. Which carries an Overtone of every emotional process that I have had with each individual color. The silence of the journey screaming in my head daily as a reminder of the journey Ive been through.

Follow me on Instagram to see photos of Overtone ~ Shattering Silence and check my YouTube out; as I painted this series and shared a few stories- insight to my emotional development there as well.