Overtone – “Shattering Silence”

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As you may of already read ; I’m recording me painting as I dive deeper into color therapy, color mixing, sound therapy and more bi-weekly on YouTube. You can join me and learn more about colors , sound and my artistic life in general. Ask questions. Post comments. I’m here! You also can follow me on Instagram through my artist journey as I share live streams, day to day pictures and give away a color study bi-weekly.

The series I’m working on currently is 17 Works of Art on 3ft Round Glass.

Titled as above: Overtone – “Shattering Silence”

I believe silence can change any course with a complex compromise between subconscious and consciousness. With this belief, silence creates perception and how we physically interact.
Silence that is never heard like an overtone without the laughter, movement, fear and anything between like harmonics. The paintings I created are my reflection of this belief. The colors are silence that will be carried by perception from the subconscious and consciousness creating harmonics in any course that they be placed.

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