Overtone – Shattering Silence

17 Individual round glass collection focused on how color effects us.

I focused on individual colors and how they have studied and proven effects on humans’ mental, physical and spiritual health . Overtone – Shattering Silence are created on circular foundations with layers of watercolour, natural materials and agitated by tuning forks create boundless comprehension. The material elements in my work are not solely an object, but are instruments that serve a deliberate function.

With this practice I created a belief . The silence of colors can change any course with a complex compromise between subconscious and conscious. With this belief, color creates subjective perception and how we physically interact. Learning to understand silence is understanding that all perceived sound is an overtone that can not be understood   without laughter, movement, fear and anything between that create the harmonics scale. My works are carried by perception, from the subconscious and conscious allowing each person to create the sensation of enriching the harmonics of they are on any path that they be placed. 

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