Ashli England

I recall being 7 years old melting crayons on the back porch and feeling affected by each color as they melted and explaining to my mother the colors made me do it. Un be known to us this would be one of my first investigations and self studies into Color Therapy. In 2016 I attended Tama Do The Academy of Sound and Color in California and Switzerland with Fabien Maman, which followed many philosophies including Rudolf Steiner’s famous philosophies; Which later resulted in me becoming a certified Practitioner in Color and Sound Therapy 2018.  


My works are created on circular foundations – Tondos with layers of watercolour, natural materials and agitated by tuning forks, creating boundless comprehension. 

 The material elements in my work are not solely an object, but are instruments that serve a deliberate function. My artworks serve to introduce experiences brought by color exposure and how they have proven effects on humans’ mental, physical and spiritual health. For example red, will excite sensory responses causing increased blood flow and fast breathing…  

My connection is Hilma af Klint. She is one of the first artist I’ve felt technical and spiritual similarities to. While her works are mainly spiritual, her artistic transition to abstract art and the non figurative paintings is captivating. It should also be mentioned that her experimental automatic drawing are profoundly relatable to the experimentation I have developed with my work over the years. Her leadership in her ability to create geometric visual language that is actually capable of conceptualizing invisible forces both of the inner and outer worlds is remarkable. She has done the impossible and eloquently explained the ineffable. She has the brilliant ability to grasp the concept of time-space, and what profound healing can occur when the correct ratios are observed.

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