Ashli England

As an artist, I am dedicated to creating art that fosters an elevated and serene atmosphere, providing balance and restorative energy to the nervous system. My latest series comprises 17-32″ round glass encapsulated in custom-engineered frames. In my work, color is my focus, exploring the nature of color vibrational links and using tuning forks in vibrational alliance with each color. I believe that the silence of colors can change the course of our lives by bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious mind. This idea inspires me, and it forms the foundation of my work. As someone who has relied on color to help navigate personal challenges throughout my life, I see my art as a personal development breakthrough that can benefit others. My works are like journal entries, conveying every emotional process that I have experienced with each individual color, and the silence in my eyes carries every experience along the way. Follow my journey with OVERTONE- Shattering Silence to discover the transformative power of color in your life.