Current Flow…

Some thoughts and answers from conversations Ive had lately. No order to this, all flow.. 

I’m me, I’ve acquired the title artist; I’m not a style. However, I’m happy with my work offering familiar connections.


Simply put.. it’s my process of defeats (mentally & physically) and the moment I found my victories. 

The work may seem unfamiliar to some. However, it’s not too unfamiliar for those that have been with me for more than 10 years. 

Hope you all enjoy the journey. Welcome to those that have decided to join. 

I do only plan to make the 6 – just shy of 6ft, rounds. Possibly a few small works…I’m still feeling that out but I do know there will not be prints. 

When will it be out? I aim for Spring 22 but it might be Summer 22. 

I plan on recording the process and posting to my YouTube. It’s scary and brings me lots of anxiety but more the reason I’m focused on just doing it. 

I use my website for all updates. The “news” tab usually has it all. It’s a basic site as it’s me that’s built it but the details are here. Please write if you have any questions. 

I’m working on the plan for different content from Facebook, to my IG, to my TIK Tok. The goal is to have each platform have something different going on and make it worth the follow on each. 

Has my journey ended with color/color therapy? 

It’s always been about the color and the journey we have together; for as far as I can see back. We are one. Im incapable to explain the ebb and flow how this aligns throughout my life. I also think that’s the magic of life that just doesn’t need to be explained but witnessed. 

Overtone is my current series. Even if not “current” it doesn’t end just because one begins. So many beautiful connections have come from this process and I am looking forward to many more. 

Will Overtone or RESiDUE be available in a Gallery? Well idk. There was a point where I did many group shows and a couple solo shows. I will say breaking through local galleries for showings lately has been a journey. I do enjoy creating my own settings so that’s probably the way I’ll go. Short answer TBD. 

Another thought to this.. 

I’m also heavily interested in traveling. My work at this point is international. However, I’d like to travel with it too. Gallery showings, installing, etc. if you know someone that likes out of state artists or even looking for new artists abroad, let me know. 

If you ever just want to share your thoughts or feelings about how my work makes you feel.. positive or negative please do. You do not have to be a buyer to have a connection. 

If you want to run anything about color -designs, connections you have or don’t have with it, outfits, events, etc. by me; I’m happy to share that space with you. 

Any other thoughts or questions inbox me. 


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