More Arty Updates

A few more amazing art updates!!!

I finished the painting part Overtone – Shattering Silence. You can check the post below and my “current work” tab for more information on the series. As well as, all the recordings of this series of me painting , the healing properties of color and my own personal journey on YouTube and InstaGram . So, if you haven’t already, please follow, subscribe and show some love to me over there on those outlets.

Whats left to this series:

I’ve been working with a design team and they have fully met my expectation and imagination. A magic trick is what I wanted to make these pieces look like they were just floating on the wall; after a few meetings that’s exactly what they have done. The costumer services and and artfulness of my visual expectation has been phenomenal. (the photo here is the half size example)


As you may of read in last post , I want this series to go to a few galleries before hanging in their forever homes. The owners are still able to purchase, however, the work will travel with me until the tour is done. Working on how this contract will look as the Overtone tour outline comes together. With that in mind.. One of the most important steps I’m still working on is how to ship them… I have a few place to go to now and will be setting these meetings up soon now that I have an example piece.

Gee gully am I excited for this part. As mentioned, I’m working with Sarah Corbett Photography. If anyone knows her work she has the most magical way of capturing exactly what your eyes/heart sees for you to relay-“the feeling” to the viewer in 2D portfolio. I’ve met with her and got to check out some book styles, cover texture , page shine and display. This brings so much joy to me. Its part of the way I can share about how colors are healing, express my life-healing journey and everyone getting the opportunity to have my work in their homes, businesses and share with family and friends. Oh so soon you’ll be able to order your copy through my website each one personalized of course.

Mural Updates!!!!!!

Also, mentioned in last post: I was invited by the lead designer Alice Mac at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital last winter to design 3 murals for their patient rooms. They are “i spy” inspired and the team picked the themes; Beach , Jungle and MO-Ill twist. I start these on July 22nd 2019 and can not wait. I’ve been painting them in my dreams(day and night). This isn’t of the style of work I typically do; However, Mac assured me I was the artist she wanted. My heart is always ready for the kids and/or the good of love. I’m thankful for my brothers Cbabi Bayoc guidance. He helped me understand and confirm all the steps that were best to take for this project; which gave me the boost of confidence to dig into the opportunity.

As you could imagine, I’m feeling good and in the extra feels of all the love, light and happiness. Self motivations/talks include: my dream board to stay focus when distractions try to rise – and telling myself to grind out until my lights out.

Further more as if that wasn’t already a lot…I have started my next two series of work. I cant decide which one should take lead yet… They both mean the most to me. They both dove tailing into deeper layers of my creativity that has been sitting side lines these last couple of years as I started and finish school and worked towards Overtone (which is like a graduation showing to me). One has a beginning and end, so to say and the other one can continue for the rest of me(these would be the satellites ; I also have a link to them on my website and have shared on IG but I want to do a few twist and turns with them using vibrations) So I’ll just work on both since they are so different… Looking forward to sharing more on these series upcoming as we approach fall winter.

I’ll be back to share more on Overtone shortly.


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