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My my looking at my last post to where I am now.. I remember then thinking on how I cant wait to be here now with you.

Me seeing Overtone Framed for the first time!

Overtone – Shattering Silence is completely framed and in their cases. As well as, I have worked with Sarah Corbett Photography. We spent two days and many hours getting the best pictures and lighting… she just never fails at making me fall in love with my own work all over again. I still plan to make a book ; The book is just as an important part because its the best way I can make sure everyone has the opportunity (from me) to learn about how colors are healing, my healing journey and have Overtone in your home and business. Really looking forward to the day when I can share that part with you.

Photgraphing Overtone
with Sarah Corbett

Currently for Overtone I’m going through the processes of writing galleries seeking representation. Easier said then done ; Though I have had some great responses this week and currently working on my follow up emails. I’m on the edge of my seat for when I can finally say when all 17 works will debut!
If you don’t know about Overtone please check out my other “news updates” my “current work” , YouTube and InstaGram . I don’t plan on posting any finished photos of Overtone publicly until the first opening. I have also, updated a lot on my website for if you haven’t clicked around in a while especially in my link about me …make this your moment to do so.


Screen shoot from the video I made..located on Facebook

I have some extra materials left from getting Overtone framed.. 30inch round acrylic circles… I’m offering these very limited pieces for commission ; You tell me 3 colors you’d like or ask me what colors you I think are best for “xyz” of intentions for $200 yup only $200. It extra special to me because it gave a rare opportunity for those that have really wanted my work. I’m also, recording the processes of some these and will be sharing the time lapse process on my YouTube channel. I made this announcement/video on Facebook before I got here and there are now(of this date 11/22) only a few left. Please email or message me on social media if you’re interested.

Another great way to get a hold of my artwork that is limited and rarely offered.

I’m participating again in the 12th Annual Cherokee Print Bazaar Dec. 7th 2019. I’ll be selling hand painted color studies….They are individual colors that focuses on how individual colors have (studied & proven) effects on humans’ mental, physical and spiritual health.

Oh there is still so much this artist brain wants to spill and thoughts on my future beyond what I’m currently doing….

My dreams as what I want accomplish as an artist are never ending. For now click around and read some of my last arty update for some of those future plans… Thanks y’all for being part of the journey.


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