Loving The Flow

“Over Tune” – Shattering Silence is going really well. I just finished piece number 7, Violet! I’m so grateful to have been offered music from@stlfamilyaffair to collaborate with the violet FIF video and future ones to come.

This is not Violet this is Yellow ; complementary to Violet and piece number #3

I continue to improve each video as I go…lights,sound,music etc (as well as have not been sick like when I started my first few videos phew). I’m always open to suggestions and feed back. To say the least ; I’m proud of myself to sticking with this even though it was really rough to learn how to produce , edit , sound and music. However, I knew these are the skills I would need if I really wanted to share how colors can heal, how they have affected me and the process of my work with a audience. I’m thankful to over come such much and loving the flow I have and am creating.

I have a few items to still check off my list for this series to be complete. As I stay focus and keep my head up with only the goals on my mind; everything continues to fall place.

One thing that I’m really looking forward too is sharing a book to go with the series. I have designed books related to color in the pass and have a dream of “Flip Books”. I feel this series has given me a greats building foundation to accomplish and further my goals as and artist and color influencer.

If you’re interested in following me on my journey as an artist connect with me on YouTube and Instagram.

Thank you for your time.



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