Two Parts One Circle

Random (I just observed this actually). 

These last three years I’ve sold more work nationally and internationally than I have sold in the Lou. 

I’ve never even had an art show out of the Lou much less one here in the last 5 years. 

I discovered this in my daily reflection while talking with God. In this I’m realizing that I need to re work the programming of myself to think I need to always “figure things out.” 

I’m also discovering it brings a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

I appreciate all the love from my community.  I know this is all able to happen because the higher energy keeps us aligned. 

Oh also these pictures.. 

I have been doing a lot of work on staying mentally positive. 

Colors, motivation speeches and meditations are always a key to me leveling up mentally… 

On this particular day, I broke down. My chest was burning and the most soothing I could do was cry out and just talk it out with the divine/God.. I needed guidance and I just felt in my soul I needed to find my calm to hear the peace. 

Long story short of this day, I met a hawk. Words can’t explain the eye contact and energetic alignment of knowing this was a “sign”. After the hawk and I spoke they guided me onto a path that led me to a Quince bush. 

The true magic as I’ve said many times before is just experiencing life. I felt very connected to this all happening locally to me here in the city. By knowing my charts and the understanding of what these two things represent; I can say my head was lifted and my full heart was able to outshine all the mental struggles.


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