Pulling it together…

The last we talked, I asked for you to follow me on YouTube. Thank you to those that have. You may have also noticed I stopped uploading a couple months ago and I’m sorry. 

Quarantine became a rhythm of our new normal quickly:  to be home, garden, cook, etc. I felt it was better to honor that by not recording my families every move and to just be present in how the new tide was coming in.  As well as, the continuously / over whelming lives lost and criminals not brought to adequate repercussions. Black Lives Matter

As I work on finding grounding.. Being back in the studio, making art and starting videos again will hopefully help pull myself together.

I also want to take this moment to share, I have just about sold out of all my paintings. Technically , I have one piece left. This one is currently on display at FLOAT STL and is listed here on my website seeking a forever home. 

However, close enough!
Thank you all so much for the continued support to me. It furthers my growth of my life journey and experiences I enjoy sharing with you. In a time of uncertainty, its reassuring to know that I’m on the right track. Making that leap of faith two years ago to become a full time artist, much more humbling.

 I still have my color studies on my Etsy as many of you know. Thank you again to those who that have found my artwork a perfect fit to their home , business and family/friends. 

As well as , with some feedback… it’s encouraged me to make mini paintings framed for Etsy, so look out for those. 

Other things. I’ve taken opportunity to learn more on how to bring you all into my studio and too just spend more time with you in general. 

The first step was creating “PAiNT WiTH ME” over Zoom events. My new normal , has been posting that information on my Facebook page. A while back Instagram started a FB page for Artist Ashli.. so I’ve been trying to use that as another platform of my artwork/ art events. It seems repetitive but at least it gives you more options of finding out what I’m up too. 

PAiNT WiTH ME , is a concept I never thought I’d be doing to be honest. I’ve been asked to host events and work a business like this in the past and turned it down.
It usually came down to a personal level of I felt like I couldn’t do it. I know my personality and heavier trait of mine is being stand offish, which is really a lot of nervousness and anxiety. I’m more of a people watcher until I decide to come out of my shell(I’m a Cancer with a Scorpio Moon) However, I’m finding myself a lot more comfortable then I thought I’d be. Maybe it’s because I’m leading in a style of painting I like or mixing the colors for you personally or the distance part helps me stay calm. I’m sure it all goes hand in hand but all things considered , I’ve been really enjoying this time with you and it’s been going well.

Another step I’ve taken, I’ve started a TiK Tok. Currently it’s me mixing colors to trending music that I’ve been mixing for the paint with me classes. My intention with this is to branch them to my Youtube Channel. I like the challenge of creating 15,30 & 60 seconds videos that have a start to finish concept. While YouTube gives more of the in depth details to the journey.

As I warm up to how to work this all together, it’ll be great to have it part of my next series that I’ll hopefully be ready to dive into by winter.

Last but certainly not least , as it is literally on my mind 24/7.  Overtone – Shattering Silence is still awaiting to grace a gallery. This is a 17 piece series I just completed.  You can find more information here on my website about that and my YouTube as well. I’m sure as you can imagine “19” has put some interesting twists and turns in the gallery – art world and I’m just holding on while staring into the world of wonders. 

Phew funny how I felt like I’d have nothing to say and this would be short.. too long winded and cutting it short. 

Thank you for following along , I appreciate all of your support. 

TiK Tok ArtistAshli

Instagram Artist_Ashli

Facebook Artist Ashli


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