Pocket Therapy



One of my goals as an artist is to create “Pocket Therapy”- Filp books as an innovative way to easily integrate self healing practice into everyday life. Im in the processes of creating 8 books using 9 colors from the color spectrum. Im creating a mural for each color ; this process will be video captured and converted to a still frames thus creating a flip book. Using color as therapy via pocket flip books will be a fun, accessible and healthy habit for anyone looking for a simple way to aid with things like: anxiety, depression, lack of focus, loneliness, frustration, confusion, nausea and virtually any other unwanted feeling or experience. It could be said, “ There’s a color for that”

After choosing a color, the viewer can simply stare into the book and flip the pages. As they turn, the viewer watches a piece of artwork form in time lapse. This creates a “moment out of time” feeling where the viewer can take that time to gain balance in whatever way intended.

A creative self care that could changes lives everywhere.

I’ll be able to help others while fulfilling my creative passion.






Do you ever feel nervous or over excited? Have you ever had a high fever or need to increase your metabolism?

The color “Blue” can assist.

Blue has a calming effect as well as the qualities of antiseptics.

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Every say … I need to work on my intuition or I really just need to let that go…

Violet can assist.

Violet regenerates your nervousness system and increases the psychic senses.

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