Spectro-Chrome Therapy

Spectro-Chrome Therapy also know as a Tonation:

Certified to tonate diagnosed disorders as well as obvious conditions like burns, cuts, colds etc.

A beam of light (color) that the aura distributes where its actually needed.

The impingement of light upon the physical produces Vitality. This gives you a deeper way to relax and improve mental and physical health. The light and color , delivered by means of the astral through the aura. It exhibits all kinds of changes … like emotional relief, physical renewal, mental clarity, increase awareness, expanded consciousness, etc.


The Method

  •  In order to work perfectly the human body needs to receive specific chemical elements. The lack of these elements may be due to an internal problem (the body does not produce them) or to an external one (no intake with the diet);
  • The power of the chemicals depends on their atomic arrangement which can be detected by spectroscope and coded in color lines; therefore all the chemical elements from the Periodic table were analyzed by spectroscope and encoded, according to their absorption line coded to specific color;
  • The Spectro-Chrome method foundation is the use of color codes instead of crude chemicals to increase or decrease the physiological activities, linking each chemical element/color to a specific physical function of the human body.

 Why the Spectro-Chrome Therapy works?

In general, for the same reasons of other therapies such as the “blue light” therapy for neonatal jaundice (due to photo-oxidation and consequent reduced levels of bilirubin), the vitamin D produced by the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light (skin photo receptiveness), or the SAD therapy (activation through the eyes of the hypothalamus and subsequently of the pituitary gland that controls the endocrine system).


Colors are all around us, created by Nature. Being so, their use could not possibly harm us and no collateral effects could exist.


Each scheme is comprised by one or more procedures, to be done in sequence. A procedure has the duration of ONE hour with one color, shined on a certain area of the body, while lying down comfortably.

Groups of 4 – 90 minute  $140

Groups of 12 – 90 minutes $400

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