Color Meditation


I offer a meditation of 100+ different colors .
I will evaluate your energy fields and we will set achievable outcome for your sessions. I will provide a color meditations that will allow you to create your own unique healing processes, actions, and affirmations. These can be used daily to help receive inspired, intuitive messages of guidance and restore your body to its natural state of health, vitality, and harmony. I offer complementary colors to these sessions as well to continue to carry the balance and harmony in our day to day lives. Please wear light and white if possible clothing.

I also offer this via email. Tho you won’t be in person; it’s still a practice you can take on your own with the guided step by step instructions I provide that make it easy to do by yourself at home. Send me an email at to begin your session. Tell me about yourself. Age, health concerns , current state of health. Stresses, anxiety , fears etc. Colors you don’t like and colors that you are attracted too. I will email you back with a color and full mediation and affirmation and any follow emails you would like to share with me. I also provide complementary color for the one that I sent over if it might not resonate with you right away.


Contact me for any questions + to book your appointment today