Brain release… and go!

Hello 2020,

Phew the beginning of the year … did anyone else feel like they hit the ground running? Not a new feeling but when I saw all the posts for “New Year New Me”; I was like , we are all about to do some heavy self work , as a group. Lets Go!

Currently, I’ve been very focused on getting Overtone – Shattering Silence into a gallery or show like setting. I’m really wanting a very specific way of hanging almost in an performance work of manner; So it’s just a little more work then popping them up on a wall. I’ll be delighted when I have all of the details lined out and official confirmed, to share with you.

Ive also been cleaning , purging , painting and reviving my entire house. It’s not all together yet but over all it feels much better. As well as , spending as much time in nature as possible. Cold days, double up! The Earth is moving , growing and very talkative in its silence.
I’m always in amazement by life. I felt as I was doing all of this self/housework/ opening more space up around and in me. I was humbled to be contacted and connected to many friends and family seeking my help and guidance. Its such a great feeling to be trusted and respected to hold space for someone. I can go down the rabbit hole here but it’s coming in the next few paragraphs so I’ll save this one for now.

The release… I often reflect on the color and sound therapy certificates I have and becoming a Practitioner. These trainings have held a connection in me that is hard to put into words but revolve around understanding “energy” in many forms /self / color / sound/movement/ food/ the world and universal consciousness and these connections keep my foundation feeling sturdy from any greatness or storm.
Color is something I’ve always felt ,seen and heard. This connection is right in line with wanting /leaping to helping others from the simplest of life task to traumatic. Going to Tama – Do gave me the tools to understand and be capable of doing both. It’s the only program I’ve been part of that has made me feel this way. What I feel I’ve continually learned is; the more I’ve stayed connected with myself, others have reached out; in other words, the calling is there. Not everyone may get who I am or the way I practice…I’m a silent, yet vibrant; maybe more why I connect to color.. to each their own; I’m a actually a little tickled when someone says they’ve never worked with someone like me before…no matter what their mind set is; as long as I’ve honored what I said and did what I said I was going too; then I’ve honored the training and guides before me.

I where my heart on my sleeve yet very “shelled”. The vibration I carry is wide and long and may seem unpredictable to some because it can only be seen as far as their eyes can perceive. When I hold space for others my anxieties and vulnerable level of myself I may have shared is not carried over when the calling comes. I can feel and see so much more then ever communicated. I also know how I need to work , to work through that; from self work / experiences and the incredible training and guidance I’ve received from adolescence to adult years. It wasn’t just training of colors, sound and Chi Gong that taught me what I/we are capable of doing ; It was the me the same person when I was at youth age 2, 3 ,7 and so forth years old memories of seeing , hearing and feeling the same feels I do now. My guides are there, your guides are there and their guides are there. I’m/we are a current in the middle helping the messages be transmitted and received. Bottom line is, it continuously makes me so grateful for my elders I get to confide to , who I’ve turned to for years , worked with and practice with. It keeps this little grasshopper in alignment and broadens my perspective.
Okay, I’ve made this post long enough.. I’ll finish with some quick updates. I’m still working and taking on commission work. I’ve recorded a few canvasses over on my YouTube channel and well, I fell right off the recording part. Recording and editing is a who other job and I had to focus on my work if I wanted to ever get them done. I’m back up and going over there; new year, new flow. I’m working and digging in how to develop my YouTube channel more. It’s just as much on this journey as I am. I have a new Vlog (3/5) and I’m looking to do more of these and maybe a few sillier videos as well; really wanting to let all of me(s) to shine.
Hello 2020 ; We are only 3 months in and I’ve lived a thousand times.
If you’ve made it this far, Thank You ; it’s support like this that keeps the energy flowing.


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