I’m Back…for now✨

My First trip to California for Tama-Do was such a healing time for myself. First , I was so grateful to have found a farm to work on (view photos @artist_ashli) before starting Tama – Do. Both opportunities held experiences that will forever keep me guided in this life.

Grateful to be returning home with new certificates in Color and Sound Healing .

Currently, Im finishing up paintings and getting them to their new homes/community shows. As that’s cleared room in the studio to start a few new works with all this new knowledge of color and vibrational healing on my mind.

Im also still in my drawing book outlining and tuning in details for installation art show in Spring ; I’ve mentioned a few times in post and conversations that I’m currently working on an installation. I expected to have had done before true end of the year.  However , with school and keeping the balance of life …Spring looks to be the better anchor.

So to sum it up. I’ll be accepting clients for Color and Sound Healing,  rotating artwork and studying for my next Tama-Do chapter in California January 2018.

Thanks for being here 🙏🏽


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