Two Parts One Circle

Random (I just observed this actually). 

These last three years I’ve sold more work nationally and internationally than I have sold in the Lou. 

I’ve never even had an art show out of the Lou much less one here in the last 5 years. 

I discovered this in my daily reflection while talking with God. In this I’m realizing that I need to re work the programming of myself to think I need to always “figure things out.” 

I’m also discovering it brings a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

I appreciate all the love from my community.  I know this is all able to happen because the higher energy keeps us aligned. 

Oh also these pictures.. 

I have been doing a lot of work on staying mentally positive. 

Colors, motivation speeches and meditations are always a key to me leveling up mentally… 

On this particular day, I broke down. My chest was burning and the most soothing I could do was cry out and just talk it out with the divine/God.. I needed guidance and I just felt in my soul I needed to find my calm to hear the peace. 

Long story short of this day, I met a hawk. Words can’t explain the eye contact and energetic alignment of knowing this was a “sign”. After the hawk and I spoke they guided me onto a path that led me to a Quince bush. 

The true magic as I’ve said many times before is just experiencing life. I felt very connected to this all happening locally to me here in the city. By knowing my charts and the understanding of what these two things represent; I can say my head was lifted and my full heart was able to outshine all the mental struggles.

And another one..

The divine, God or however you address the higher power around us.. Thank you. 

Being my own business is incredibly hard work. The blessing is the community and the will power to continue. 

I’m celebrating big internally today. 

I made a goal at the beginning of the year of what my income should look like. That’s not easy. It’s a lot of debating with myself about self worth. Is it too much, is it too little? In the end I followed the lead of the divine. 

If you remember just two years ago I did this; which is how I made the choice to be full time with my work with color and the work we create together. Prior to this, I always had a part-time job; I never made a goal of what I should expect from my work. I was just happy to share the connection and just cover the base materials. 

Today I will share.

 I honored myself, respected my self worth and I met my first year income goal!

It’s an interesting feeling. In the time of creating the goal, it seemed just out of reach. 

I tried to only focus on the positive of self worth while fighting the mental demons trying to bring me down. It’s been one the hardest struggles in valuing myself and to put a “price” on that.  Especially being a giver. It’s a big part of my love language. 

Working for myself.. 

It looks like, having people not thinking my work is worth me being a goal to their life.. to people telling me I should charge double.. to having no sales at all after all the work and time was spent in creating it. 

From the outside it may look like rainbows and sunshine. However, this is why I stay vulnerable and share posts on how it’s not. I like being private but think it’s important to share the struggle too. I’m sure you’ve seen many posts. Real is real and life can be really fucking hard. 

To the point. As I’ve said many times…I feel like vulnerability is key, fighting fear is the goal and failing is a win. 

The internal struggle, the social anxiety is all real. However, honoring myself by pulling myself up and facing all of the challenges is far more important. 

I’m sharing this out loud because it took all of us together! The vulnerable stories I’ve shared, to the ones that have been inboxed, the love, the shares, the likes on my post, the input negative and positive. It all got me here. 

Thank you. 

I met my first year income goal. 

Current Flow…

Some thoughts and answers from conversations Ive had lately. No order to this, all flow.. 

I’m me, I’ve acquired the title artist; I’m not a style. However, I’m happy with my work offering familiar connections.


Simply put.. it’s my process of defeats (mentally & physically) and the moment I found my victories. 

The work may seem unfamiliar to some. However, it’s not too unfamiliar for those that have been with me for more than 10 years. 

Hope you all enjoy the journey. Welcome to those that have decided to join. 

I do only plan to make the 6 – just shy of 6ft, rounds. Possibly a few small works…I’m still feeling that out but I do know there will not be prints. 

When will it be out? I aim for Spring 22 but it might be Summer 22. 

I plan on recording the process and posting to my YouTube. It’s scary and brings me lots of anxiety but more the reason I’m focused on just doing it. 

I use my website for all updates. The “news” tab usually has it all. It’s a basic site as it’s me that’s built it but the details are here. Please write if you have any questions. 

I’m working on the plan for different content from Facebook, to my IG, to my TIK Tok. The goal is to have each platform have something different going on and make it worth the follow on each. 

Has my journey ended with color/color therapy? 

It’s always been about the color and the journey we have together; for as far as I can see back. We are one. Im incapable to explain the ebb and flow how this aligns throughout my life. I also think that’s the magic of life that just doesn’t need to be explained but witnessed. 

Overtone is my current series. Even if not “current” it doesn’t end just because one begins. So many beautiful connections have come from this process and I am looking forward to many more. 

Will Overtone or RESiDUE be available in a Gallery? Well idk. There was a point where I did many group shows and a couple solo shows. I will say breaking through local galleries for showings lately has been a journey. I do enjoy creating my own settings so that’s probably the way I’ll go. Short answer TBD. 

Another thought to this.. 

I’m also heavily interested in traveling. My work at this point is international. However, I’d like to travel with it too. Gallery showings, installing, etc. if you know someone that likes out of state artists or even looking for new artists abroad, let me know. 

If you ever just want to share your thoughts or feelings about how my work makes you feel.. positive or negative please do. You do not have to be a buyer to have a connection. 

If you want to run anything about color -designs, connections you have or don’t have with it, outfits, events, etc. by me; I’m happy to share that space with you. 

Any other thoughts or questions inbox me. 

New Series Starting…

Goodness so much has happen since my last post. Sorry for not updating here all the progress… If you follow me on IG and FB then you know the book from my last series Overtone has been released. I have also sold 7 of the 17 works…5 in Puerto Rico, 1 in California and 1 here locally. My prints have also been making new homes along the way.

So where am I at now… Well onto the next Series of course.


I’ve had the canvass for this series before I started Overtone and gosh am I ready to dive into it. In asking when starting to plan this series, could I have done this first; before Overtone – Shattering Silence? Simple put, No. There’s so much healing that came with that journey. A lot of “why” answered which has allowed me to confidentially do this series fearlessly.

I know now from that journey that work needed to be done and that work was done too put me where I am today.

Residue: A small amount of ‘something” that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.

Sensitive: Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences.

Shit: 1. Feces 2. A contemptible or worthless person

..working and processing while currently recovering from a broken wrist… No worries..It happen while having fun 🙂

…feeling worthless. responding without thinking. Ignoring signals. Blaming influences. Quick to detect;failing to respond.

Everything from my past creates my current and my future. My residue… some flaky, some hard to get up and the ones that marked me forever.

This series are those photographic memories and imaginative places I’ve encountered. Most importantly the reflections of my eyes in moments I felt the most worthless.

So as always, thank you for following along. I will do my best to post here and you can always follow more closely on my IG and FB. As well as, I will be taking you along on my YouTube Channel.

New Chapter

As you may of saw in my last post I have started releasing images of

-OVERTONE- Shattering Silence. The feed back has been really nice and over all its just been a great reflection of how far I’ve come.

So what’s so new about this chapter? First, I’m in the process of creating my first artist book. The book titled -OVERTONE- Shattering Silence will feature some unreleased photos of OSS,  my personal journal entries and development with colors from a young age to present time, as well as a place for you to share your reflections of how colors have affected you, any reflection of my work and so on. 

It’s by far the most personal I have ever connected to the public about my work. Combining some of my very first journal entries from the very beginning of my color studies well over 10+ years. My personal development-break throughs with colors and how they’ve helped/affected my Mental Health.   As a young child going through family courts, as a new college student, as a new wife, mother and just as “simple” growth of a young child developing into a woman… I knew Mental Health was one of the most important things that I needed to take care. If I’m not “right” with myself I will have an interesting time connecting with others. Colors have always been there for me. I’ve mentioned plenty of times. My canvas works or hand painted prints are just like journal entries to me. However, it’s not so dot the i cross the t.  I’ve always had art supplies but also journals – notebooks thanks to my mom and even had a really cool one called “Password Journal”. Thanks mom. However, I never had an attachment to keeping them like my art/paintings. I think part of it is the fear of connection or getting too personal…which can come with layers of fear and anxiety for me. Once they were full I had no problem trashing them…never recapped so see the growth. It wasn’t until I really started studying colors(late teens)that really held on. I must have known intuitively how profound this journey was really about to be. Furthermore, I could never imagine that I would be sharing them so publicly. That I can thank my support team… the people that have been here along the way and us too exchange some very challenging times in our lives together. They always seem to have the right amount of “push” that allows me to let go of fear and to just do it. I’m sure this still comes to the attachment of acceptance but it allows my will power to take that leap of faith. 

To bring this all in. I’m currently wrapping up the final stages of this book. I hope to have a preorder sale for them in December.  I have also prints. You can purchase them now on my shop.

Here’s to filling in this chapter…I’m off onto my next journey.


Long winded , and unnecessarily made public post about paint brushes…

I’d say the most interesting thing about having the “PAiNT WiTH ME” events have been finding the right brushes. Its been the most inconsistent thing I’ve done so far.

Personally, I like using my hands. If you’ve seen me on a studio day.. I’m usually covered in paint; often looking like the kid that still eats the paste 🤷🏼‍♀️

There are very few brushes that I enjoy using to make my circles and dots and actually Ive ended up using my Pro- makeup brushes from when I did SPFX – Body Painting.

With these classes I use acrylic and I’m so use to watercolor at this point. So, the brushes I’ve been getting combined with the paint, I’ll say I haven’t felt 100 with my connection to the materials.

So , after a few hours yesterday on the internet, I finally decided to order makeup brushes that are similar to mine and the base brushes I would use for murals.

I haven’t used them yet but I’d say in this time of ordering brushes , the inner me feels a special satisfaction “like job well done”. Which feels like a celebration post of letting you know. As if I would be letting you know when something exciting is going on in my life art wise , travel , shows etc🤷🏼‍♀️

Oh the picture is me … and the time I accidentally rinsed my paint brushes in my drinking jar..and hadn’t notice until I started drinking it… also, you’d think I wouldn’t of continued drinking the water but I did .. maybe pushing the testing of non toxic watercolors a little far but hydration is important🤷🏼‍♀️

Pulling it together…

The last we talked, I asked for you to follow me on YouTube. Thank you to those that have. You may have also noticed I stopped uploading a couple months ago and I’m sorry. 

Quarantine became a rhythm of our new normal quickly:  to be home, garden, cook, etc. I felt it was better to honor that by not recording my families every move and to just be present in how the new tide was coming in.  As well as, the continuously / over whelming lives lost and criminals not brought to adequate repercussions. Black Lives Matter

As I work on finding grounding.. Being back in the studio, making art and starting videos again will hopefully help pull myself together.

I also want to take this moment to share, I have just about sold out of all my paintings. Technically , I have one piece left. This one is currently on display at FLOAT STL and is listed here on my website seeking a forever home. 

However, close enough!
Thank you all so much for the continued support to me. It furthers my growth of my life journey and experiences I enjoy sharing with you. In a time of uncertainty, its reassuring to know that I’m on the right track. Making that leap of faith two years ago to become a full time artist, much more humbling.

 I still have my color studies on my Etsy as many of you know. Thank you again to those who that have found my artwork a perfect fit to their home , business and family/friends. 

As well as , with some feedback… it’s encouraged me to make mini paintings framed for Etsy, so look out for those. 

Other things. I’ve taken opportunity to learn more on how to bring you all into my studio and too just spend more time with you in general. 

The first step was creating “PAiNT WiTH ME” over Zoom events. My new normal , has been posting that information on my Facebook page. A while back Instagram started a FB page for Artist Ashli.. so I’ve been trying to use that as another platform of my artwork/ art events. It seems repetitive but at least it gives you more options of finding out what I’m up too. 

PAiNT WiTH ME , is a concept I never thought I’d be doing to be honest. I’ve been asked to host events and work a business like this in the past and turned it down.
It usually came down to a personal level of I felt like I couldn’t do it. I know my personality and heavier trait of mine is being stand offish, which is really a lot of nervousness and anxiety. I’m more of a people watcher until I decide to come out of my shell(I’m a Cancer with a Scorpio Moon) However, I’m finding myself a lot more comfortable then I thought I’d be. Maybe it’s because I’m leading in a style of painting I like or mixing the colors for you personally or the distance part helps me stay calm. I’m sure it all goes hand in hand but all things considered , I’ve been really enjoying this time with you and it’s been going well.

Another step I’ve taken, I’ve started a TiK Tok. Currently it’s me mixing colors to trending music that I’ve been mixing for the paint with me classes. My intention with this is to branch them to my Youtube Channel. I like the challenge of creating 15,30 & 60 seconds videos that have a start to finish concept. While YouTube gives more of the in depth details to the journey.

As I warm up to how to work this all together, it’ll be great to have it part of my next series that I’ll hopefully be ready to dive into by winter.

Last but certainly not least , as it is literally on my mind 24/7.  Overtone – Shattering Silence is still awaiting to grace a gallery. This is a 17 piece series I just completed.  You can find more information here on my website about that and my YouTube as well. I’m sure as you can imagine “19” has put some interesting twists and turns in the gallery – art world and I’m just holding on while staring into the world of wonders. 

Phew funny how I felt like I’d have nothing to say and this would be short.. too long winded and cutting it short. 

Thank you for following along , I appreciate all of your support. 

TiK Tok ArtistAshli

Instagram Artist_Ashli

Facebook Artist Ashli

So much uncertainty going on…

This post would be a mile long trying to express all the feels. Instead I’m going to encourage you to keep posted with me on YouTube and follow my journey more closely at home. I can not wait to get Overtone – Shattering Silence out to the public ; I absolutely can not wait to start my next series of work so much to processes into these next rounds.

Brain release… and go!

Hello 2020,

Phew the beginning of the year … did anyone else feel like they hit the ground running? Not a new feeling but when I saw all the posts for “New Year New Me”; I was like , we are all about to do some heavy self work , as a group. Lets Go!

Currently, I’ve been very focused on getting Overtone – Shattering Silence into a gallery or show like setting. I’m really wanting a very specific way of hanging almost in an performance work of manner; So it’s just a little more work then popping them up on a wall. I’ll be delighted when I have all of the details lined out and official confirmed, to share with you.

Ive also been cleaning , purging , painting and reviving my entire house. It’s not all together yet but over all it feels much better. As well as , spending as much time in nature as possible. Cold days, double up! The Earth is moving , growing and very talkative in its silence.
I’m always in amazement by life. I felt as I was doing all of this self/housework/ opening more space up around and in me. I was humbled to be contacted and connected to many friends and family seeking my help and guidance. Its such a great feeling to be trusted and respected to hold space for someone. I can go down the rabbit hole here but it’s coming in the next few paragraphs so I’ll save this one for now.

The release… I often reflect on the color and sound therapy certificates I have and becoming a Practitioner. These trainings have held a connection in me that is hard to put into words but revolve around understanding “energy” in many forms /self / color / sound/movement/ food/ the world and universal consciousness and these connections keep my foundation feeling sturdy from any greatness or storm.
Color is something I’ve always felt ,seen and heard. This connection is right in line with wanting /leaping to helping others from the simplest of life task to traumatic. Going to Tama – Do gave me the tools to understand and be capable of doing both. It’s the only program I’ve been part of that has made me feel this way. What I feel I’ve continually learned is; the more I’ve stayed connected with myself, others have reached out; in other words, the calling is there. Not everyone may get who I am or the way I practice…I’m a silent, yet vibrant; maybe more why I connect to color.. to each their own; I’m a actually a little tickled when someone says they’ve never worked with someone like me before…no matter what their mind set is; as long as I’ve honored what I said and did what I said I was going too; then I’ve honored the training and guides before me.

I where my heart on my sleeve yet very “shelled”. The vibration I carry is wide and long and may seem unpredictable to some because it can only be seen as far as their eyes can perceive. When I hold space for others my anxieties and vulnerable level of myself I may have shared is not carried over when the calling comes. I can feel and see so much more then ever communicated. I also know how I need to work , to work through that; from self work / experiences and the incredible training and guidance I’ve received from adolescence to adult years. It wasn’t just training of colors, sound and Chi Gong that taught me what I/we are capable of doing ; It was the me the same person when I was at youth age 2, 3 ,7 and so forth years old memories of seeing , hearing and feeling the same feels I do now. My guides are there, your guides are there and their guides are there. I’m/we are a current in the middle helping the messages be transmitted and received. Bottom line is, it continuously makes me so grateful for my elders I get to confide to , who I’ve turned to for years , worked with and practice with. It keeps this little grasshopper in alignment and broadens my perspective.
Okay, I’ve made this post long enough.. I’ll finish with some quick updates. I’m still working and taking on commission work. I’ve recorded a few canvasses over on my YouTube channel and well, I fell right off the recording part. Recording and editing is a who other job and I had to focus on my work if I wanted to ever get them done. I’m back up and going over there; new year, new flow. I’m working and digging in how to develop my YouTube channel more. It’s just as much on this journey as I am. I have a new Vlog (3/5) and I’m looking to do more of these and maybe a few sillier videos as well; really wanting to let all of me(s) to shine.
Hello 2020 ; We are only 3 months in and I’ve lived a thousand times.
If you’ve made it this far, Thank You ; it’s support like this that keeps the energy flowing.