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Some work feature locations for you to visit. To view other works or have an purchase inquiry please contact me: ashli@englandclan.com or (314) 472-3227 texting accepted



“Organic” 4ft Round watercolor on wood available at Randall Gallery “Color is Healing” series



“Beach Vibes” 4ft Round watercolor + minerals on wood    available



“Mood” 2ft Round watercolor on wood is part of my “Color is Healing” series available at Randal Gallery



“Gap” 2ft Round watercolor resin & gold on wood “Color is Healing” series available at Randall Gallery



“Breath” 2ft Round watercolor & resin on wood “Color is Healing” series



“Profile” 2ft Round watercolor & resin on wood



"Flow" 3ft around watercolor on Wood "..."
“Flow” 3ft round watercolor on wood “#3 “Color is Healing” Available  at FLOAT STL ~ Maryland Heights 



"Emerge" 4ft around Watercolor / resurrected vintage water color/India Ink on Wood (Color is healing series) " As in "I'm here to see my freedoms of life and how my relationships grow. An energy that transpires through my paints & brushes , communicating through liquid color and the stillness of time; It's where my energies are allowed a natural - intuitive space for my rawest self reflections of communications to emerge. Color Healing Properties: White : Lighten Up - Discover Heals whole body Clears toxicity and assist with purification Enhances clarity and understanding .... Blue / Blue Tones Azure ~ Sapphire : Protection - Healing - Regeneration Purifies your aura Protection from dense energies Increases vitality Calming with people are nervous Clears blocked pathways, clears the mind and balance emotions ..."
“Emerge” 4ft round 1970s watercolor  #1 “Color is Healing” available  at                                   FLOAT STL ~ Maryland Heights 



"Day Dream" 3ft around Watercolour on Wood " breathing, motionlessly, imagine now laying down being surrounded "now" by tallest grass. Every variant of creature dancing by... imagine; the presence each creature... what they would think, the taste of the smell of Earth would be after rain on a summers day."
“Day Dream” 3ftaround watercolour on wood #2 “Color is Healing” 
Available at  FLOAT STL~ Maryland Heights 



"Transpiring" 4ft x 2ft Watercolour on Wood " Some thoughts to share .. After , all one can go through.. hopes that one can only feel the good of love that life brings to them. Dreaming / day dreaming / mental motion pictures / its all a process that is deeply connected to why I create along this way of life. One that is currently stuck in my fore front... Admiring a perfect view of transitioning colors and a warm glow from the sun. Walking on the edge of the tallest dewest greenest hill around. Suddenly tripping and as mihands reach out, only to grasp the purest air. Head first , down , rolling , flipping and all of the sudden noticing all the rocks that I couldn't see from above. In a flash I surrender. In the vortex of a blissful life high hearing the echoing of my heart beat . There , I find my moment to laugh. As if something has taken over me I continue to laugh now rolling peaceful by noticing the butterflies that glide over me and looking forward to what the next turn will reveal. Why is this important? Well, I don't know why it is for you and I'm not sure completely why it is for myself. I do know it felt relevant to this painting that was worth me creating to share. As well as , it creates a physical reflection of me questioning myself along the way. If I had not tripped would I have rolled down the hill anyways? After long and so many thoughts and now me working on be long winded yet keeping it simple at posting... Yes; My heart will always be open to a great opportunity to be in nature playing in the grass just for that "like a kid feeling" I love it. The feeling and the rush of joy it brings to me ... Thankful to reveal myself in those already there life opportunities."
“Transpiring” 4ft x 2ft #5 “Color is Healing” Available  at FLOAT STL ~ Maryland Heights



"Leap" 12 x 40 Watercolor on canvas "..."
“Leap” Acrylic 12 x 40 Available



"Conversations" 2ft x 4ft Watercolor and white acrylic on Wood I used the tones of purple and green in the intention of healing "mental illness". hese are colors of transformation.They heal melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction and bring spiritual insights and renewal. These colors slow down an over-active heart; stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Bring sleep. Soothe mental and emotional stress. Decrease sexual activity. Decrease sensitivity to pain. They help in detoxification. Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation ten-fold by meditating under the gentle rays of Violet, as found in Church windows. Green rings psychological and emotional harmony and balance. Green links with and stimulates the heart chakra.Green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. It has both an energizing effect and a moderating or soothing effect. It cures hormonal imbalances. Stimulates growth hormone and rejuvenation. Cleans and purifies from germs, bacteria and rotting material. Harmonizes the digestion, stomach, liver, gall. Has a healing effect on kidneys. Increases immunity. Builds up muscles, bones and tissues. Stimulates inner peace. Strengthens the nervous system.
“Conversations” 2ft x 4ft  watercolor and acrylic on wood This piece was created for a very special show in Saint Louis Available at Randal Gallery

Love these piece,  have a vision of your own. Write or call me with what your thinking ; colors , concepts ,sizes… Commissions are always welcome ashli@englandclan.com or (314)-472-3227 text accepted



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