I’m a “Seer”.
I see multi-colored “dots”, some people call it energy or auras. The clinical term is synesthesia. Further research says it could be Tetrachromacy.
Ive had this connection with color my whole life.
The colors continued and I began transferring them more and more into my art. Once I finished with school I understood that this was the literal foundation of who I am. I didn’t understand how special it really was. I began to have conversations with people and to my surprise, not many people can see what I see. I began to read and research more on my special gift. One thing that I truly connected with was how therapeutic colors are and how little people take advantage of what is all around us.

I’m now a certified Practitioner in Color and Sound Therapy.
After trying many expressions of materials and modalities I find my deeper connection flows best with watercolors. I discovered this incredible flow of energy that can actually “communicate” what I see and the energy field I live in when I’m creating art.

Sharing my art therapeutically is my calling – I express, I create and I share.
My favorite part about displaying this work has been stepping back and giving the viewer the time to observe my work in silence, hoping it gives them the space to separate themselves from the mind, let the brain go completely empty. I want the art to flow through them, then a deeper depiction of my work can be felt.

With a decade of experience with the community in the areas of gallery showings, wellness event organizing, and Color and Sound Therapy clients, I see each opportunity as a new piece of canvas that can be transformed into a masterpiece.

I invite you to view my website where you’ll see my artwork work as well as learn more about the gift of Color and Sound Therapy.

For more information please contact me and for some fun behind the scenes insist of my artwork – the processes follow me on IG @artist_ashli

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