Im a “seer”. I see multi-colored dots and auras, as they are called. I started reading on the colors I was seeing more intensive and learned how therapeutic they can be.

Im certified in Color and Sound Therapy. I use my intuition and the guides of my certificates as collaborative art form for my work.

When painting I prefer water colors to create an expression of my connection with the flow of energy I’m in. 

I like the viewer to observe work in silence, separate them selves from mind, let the brain go empty and let the art flow through them. Then a deeper depiction of my work can be felt.

Sharing my art therapeutically is my calling – to express, create and share.

With experience with the community in the areas of painting, gallery showings and Color and Sound Therapy clients.  I see each opportunity as a new piece of canvas that can be transformed.

Currently , I’m attending Tama-Do The Acdemy of Sound Color & Movement to continue education as a practitioner.

I invite you to view my website where you’ll see my artwork work as well as learn more about Color and Sound Therapy.

For behind the scenes insist of my artwork processes follow me on IG @artist_ashli

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