Im a “seer”. I see multi-colored dots and auras, as they are called. I started reading on the colors I was seeing more intensive and learned how therapeutic they can be.

These colors I see are carrying a message. I now study and practice Color therapy. As well as using colour as my  own therapy in many art forms.

When painting I prefer water colors to create an expression of my connection with the flow of energy I’m in. 

I like the viewer to observe work in silence, separate them selves from mind, let the brain go empty and let the art flow through them. Then a deeper depiction of my work can be felt.

Sharing art in a variety of media is my calling – to express, create and share.

With experience in the community in the areas of painting, gallery showings and Color Therapy.  I see each opportunity as a new piece of canvas that can be transformed.

Currently , I’m attending Tama-Do The Acdemy of Sound Color & Movement to continue education as a practitioner.

I’m certified in Spectrochrome Therapy (Tonations), Tama – Do T.E.P.® Harmonizing with Sound, Color & Touch (Chakra Harmonizing) as well as Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points.


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